Published on 27th October, 2016

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John & Rosamond write:
 This Secondary School for Girls was founded by Bishop James Ochiel, Diocesan Bishop of Southern Kenya, through his Siloam Foundation and in partnership with the Society of Friends of Jesus and the Nyagidha Community, to establish schools for vulnerable children.

All Saints’, Rhiwbina, has been supporting this school in Kenya since 2010.

Recently the Headteacher, Mrs Pamela Ageyo, told us they urgently needed to build extra toilets for their 120 girls, as some are almost full.
Our aim is to build three new toilets, like those shown on the poster above.

Toilets are of vital importance for any girls’ school.  It is well known that inadequate toilet facilities are a major – if not the most important – reason for girls not attending school.  We asked Mrs Ageyo to provide detailed costings for building three new toilets.  In doing so she has been at pains to point out that the very sandy soil in the area is responsible for the relatively high cost: to prevent leakage, it is vital to build water-tight tanks under each toilet block.

Bishop Ochiel Girls’ Secondary School is in Nyagidha, a rural area close to Lake Victoria, in a particularly disadvantaged part of Kenya.  The area has poor roads; although it does have electricity, its water supply is barely adequate.  Girls generally have very few education prospects: they often receive no more than the most basic education before beginning a family.  Before the school was founded, no girl in the Kabuoch Community where the school stands had stayed in school beyond Form Four.  In 2011 the school was recognised by the Kenyan Ministry of Edcation as a Public Girls’ School.  Mrs Pamela Ageyo was selected as its new Principal.

We in All Saints’ Church Rhiwbina have provided much-needed support for the school.  Initially we erected a fence around the school and helped provide the girls with their uniforms.  Since then, the All Saints’ Rhiwbina Nyagidha Church Project has helped fund a classroom and buy proper beds for the pupils.

( To read more about the school, please visit the
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