The Star-Gazers – Children’s Advent Workshop

Published on 15th December, 2015

Jonathon's Advent Workshop

Last Saturday, 12th December, Benefice children were invited
to imitate the Wise Men and ‘Follow the Star’ to Bethlehem.


St Mary’s Church Hall became a hive of activity as we cut out and painted
Mary and Joseph, the donkey, and a horse (?)
an angel ( I love that angel: s/he looks so happy! ) shepherds, and Wise Men.
We stuck cotton wool on most of the sheep
( though the yellow one got away!  It does look a bit frisky. )
before we got carried away and stuck venerable beards on virtually everyone except Mary,
( but she had a cotton-wool halo ) . . . .
created Advent wreathes out of cardboard and pasta,
decorated stars to hang on Christmas trees,
became the proud owners of splendid golden crowns
and star-shaped teeny-bopper headgear ( fashioned(!) from tinsel pipe-cleaners ). . .
and generally did anything our fertile imaginations could dream up which was even remotely (including pom-poms!?? ) connected with the
Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany seasons.

We all had a great time, and we finished with a short, informal service in which we examined what each of the characters – including the animals – brought to the Christ Child at His nativity;
and what gifts we, too, can bring to Him as we celebrate his Birth.

Unfortunately we were over-enthusiastic with the paint, and, despite desperate measures with paper tissues and radiators ( but not cotton wool! )
the characters refused to dry out in time!

So St Mary’s Sunday School children enjoyed themselves assembling the frieze the following morning, and you can see the results of all our labours shown above.

( Editor: you can’t see much of mine, however: I was so proud of my desert sand  –
but now it’s covered by all these people and animals . . . . and cotton wool! 

There are some lively photographs of the proceedings published on our Benefice FaceBook pages, which you can see if you return to the Home Page and click on the Links heading.