Launch of Stewardship Campaign

“All things come of Thee: and of Thine own do we give Thee”.
( Church in Wales: Eucharist Service )


” All Saints’ needs money to do what we are here to do:
to share in the ministry and fulfil the mission of God.”



Rev’d Peter Mortimer – Team Vicar

“Our giving is in response  to the
overwhelming love God shows to us,

and is essential to ensure our church’s future ability
to serve our community.”


Rev’d Peter asks us all prayerfully to review our giving at this present time
so that we may look to the future with eager expectation
that the work of God may flourish in this place.


To read the full text of Peter’s letter and the financial report by Terry Elliott, the church’s treasurer, please click on the link below.
You will also find a Standing Order Mandate which you may wish to download.

Launch of ASR Stewardship Campaign