On-line Lenten resources

Published on 16th February, 2021

Bishop June’s Homilies

 The Ash Wednesday video is available on our ( Llandaff Diocese/Church in Wales ) website as a YouTube link, a MP4 video and we’ve also transcribed for anyone who would prefer a text copy. Thanks to everyone who suggested a text version – we found a great app that transcribes videos https://otter.ai/login.

Bishop June’s video will be broadcast 7pm Shrove Tuesday across our social media channels as an introduction to our Lent season. 

Bishop June’s Weekly Homilies – LLandaff Diocese (churchinwales.org.uk)

 Bishop’s Lent Appeal

Our 2021 Lent Appeal will raise money for projects across the diocese that are tackling food poverty. Posters and other materials will be available to help you promote our appeal will be available from Wednesday.

 Llandaff Community Support Fund – LLandaff Diocese (churchinwales.org.uk)

 Opening Our Lives’ Lent Course 

The first of Trystan’s Lent course videos is also on our ( Llandaff Diocese/C in W ) website along with wonderful Ash Wednesday prayers written by Reader-in-training Eleanor Williams. Trystan’s video will be broadcast on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter 10am on Ash Wednesday.

 Opening our Lives Lent Course – LLandaff Diocese (churchinwales.org.uk)

 Young Faith & Education

 Steve Lock and Beccie Morteo are creating Lent resources for Young Faith Matters, including Mini Missions and Spiritual Fitness Challenge.

Education and Young People – LLandaff Diocese (churchinwales.org.uk)