Lockdown Lectionary!

Published on 28th April, 2020

Dear Reader,

You obviously have access to the Internet, or you wouldn’t have happened upon this post here!

Rector John has been uploading all sorts of virtual services on the Facebook pages of the four churches, and last Sunday we zoomed Compline, preceded by an opportunity for participants to swap their Lockdown experiences.

But I’m aware that lots of us  – who may perhaps be ‘silver-surfers’  – don’t ‘do’ Facebook or Zoom!  So I thought I should upload  a digest of the C in W Eucharist readings for the next week, on the presumption that we all probably possess at least one Bible ( and I’m very aware that many millions of people in the world don’t have that privilege ), however un’savvy’  we may be when it comes to social media.  So here are the Bible references for the church services which we’re all missing:
Click on the image once and it becomes legible, click twice and it becomes HUGE!