Happy New Year from the Communications Working Group

Published on 30th December, 2015



Happy New Year
from the
Communications Working Group!

Calling All Leaders of All Benefice Groups:

It would be immensely useful if you would send us
details of when and where you meet and your programme of events for 2016.
( You need not wait until your programme is finalised –
just send us any information you have so far ).

It would be wonderful if you could also provide the name and contact details, ( ideally, the email address ) of one of your members whom we could contact
with any queries which may arise in the course of the year.

From your point of view this should prove beneficial: we could pass on to you the contact details of any members of the public, particularly newcomers to the area, who get in touch with us with a view to joining your particular group.

If you click on the links below, you can download:

a). A form for you to complete giving details of your regular meetings.
  ( This form also provides telephone and email addresses
of the people who manage the Benefice website and FaceBook pages.

Benefit Groups’ Information Request

b). A form for you to complete if you wish to highlight any particular event
your group is  arranging and which you would like
publicised on the website or on  our FaceBook pages.

Events to Publicise