Published on 11th February, 2016

H . A . G . S .
H a l l  
A c t i o n   G r o u p   S y n d i c a t e

A small, select group of four H.A.G.S.
( two of each gender )
met on Tuesday evening to consider ways and means of
generating funding for the restorative building work essential if
St Mary’s Church Hall
is to be saved for future generations. 

Three fund-raising projects are already up-and-running, viz.:

64 lengths!!! ?

Justin-the-Church-Treasurer’s Sponsored Swim

Andrew's Half-Marathon

Andrew-the-Benefice-Rector’s-Warden’s HALF MARATHON . . .  .


This is a money-box - but I don't have one I made earlier!

This is a money-box – but I don’t have one I made earlier!

Jonathon-the Assistant-Curate’s L E N T Money-Box.

 Details of all of these FUNd-raising projects,
and a list of other ideas which emerged during our brain-storming session,
will be published later!
( I’ve got to go out now! ) . . . B U T …..
W A T C H   T H I S   S P A C E !