Whitchurch’s Answer to Ussain Bolt & Mo Farrar . . . . UPDATED!

Published on 12th February, 2016

Andrew's Half-Marathon

. . . . i s . . . A n d r e w    E d g a r,
P h e n o m e n a l l y   h e a l t h y   D o n !

( and Rector’s Warden of this Benefice )

Andrew is going to run the Half Marathon –

‘don’t know where, don’t know when’
but we hope it will be some sunny day!

EDITOR: I now know when!!!
26th MARCH.

Could  Y O U – possibly –  S P O N S O R him ?

He’s donating ALL his sponsorship money to
  St Mary’s Hall Restoration Fund.


There is a sponsorship form for you to sign on the table at the back of St Mary’s.
For you people who are online, I’m going to try to design an online equivalent . . . .
when I’ve found out where – and when – the event is to take place!
And how far a Half Marathon is.
And just WHO Messrs Bolt & Farrar are!

 ( I am blissfully ignorant about all things sporting – Editor )

Or you can contact Andrew at

or by


T H A N K   Y O U !