Well done, the England team!

Published on 10th July, 2016

Jean, Tracey, & Mihael
( aka the England team )
The Jean England School of Dance
have raised the magnificent sum of
All Saints’, Llandaff North’s church funds.

First of all, in May there was this:

Tracey's Coffee Morning & Cake Sale 

which raised


T H E N – L A S T   S A T U R D A Y –
T H E R E   W A S   T H I S:

An Evening of Tap & Ballet

The mathematicians amongst you will have worked out by now
that this resulted in a ‘haul’ of


It was a thoroughly enjoyable family show, a varied repeat of their performance in the Lord Mayor’s Show in St David’s Hall earlier in the year.  The editor was most impressed by the sheer professionalism of the evening’s entertainment:
the choreography was meticulously planned and executed, and the continuity was slick.
The dancers ranged from the fairly ‘ mature’ ( i.e. adult! ) to tiny tots,
the youngest being a self-possessed young lady aged three!
How they all managed to remember their steps –
and smile at the same time!
I cannot imagine!

Our sincere thanks to the England Team,
to the audience who attended the show,
and, most of all, perhaps,
to the parents who cheerfully ferried their children around for rehearsals . . . .
and then paid good money to be allowed to watch their offspring perform!

T H A N K    Y O U   F R O M   A L L   O F   U S   A T
A L L   S A I N T S ‘,   L L A N D A F F   N O R T H !