Syria Relief & All Saints’ Llandaff North – H E L P!

Published on 8th September, 2015

H E L P !

A Syria Relief Appeal was sent on Tuesday to ASLN Facebook Page
from a contact in Bridgend.

Rev’d Marja Henson-Flipse,
Team Vicar with special responsibility for All Saints’ Llandaff North,
responded to this appeal by
offering the church as a collection point.

This is what happened:

ATT_1441913925387_IMG_20150910_121222162All Saints’ Llandaff North – Lady Chapel
( We left a pathway to the altar! )

IMG_20150910_121058732 (1)

All Saints’ Llandaff North – Choir Vestry
( We left a pathway so that the choir could get to their robes! )

W E   H A V E   T O   S O R T   T H I S   L O T   O U T
I N T O   C A T E G O R I E S !

C A N      Y  O U     H E L P ?

C A N   Y O U   S P A R E   T W O   H O U R S ?

2 p m – 4 p m
Friday, 11th September.

All Saints’ Church,
Gabalfa Avenue,
CF14  2JH

( Opposite Glantâf School )

T H A N K   Y O U !