St Thomas’s and ASLN’s Foodbank Receipts 4.8.2015

Published on 4th August, 2015


St Thomas’s July collection weighed in at
12.4 Kg,


All Saints’, Llandaff North’s at
13.8 Kg


We cheated!
We had lots of liquid.
St Thomas’s had more food!

Thank you to everyone who contributed.
Please keep the foodstuffs coming in as generously as your means allow.

Urgently needed:

( List updated 2nd August )

UHT Fruit Juice.



Pasta ‘n’ Sacuce.

Potatoes ( Instant Mash )

Savoury Rice ( Packet )

Sponge Pudding ( Tinned )


H O W   D O   I    K N O W ?


I’ve got the Foodbank App.!

1. Type in the App address above.
2. Select ‘ Cardiff ‘ from ‘ Choose Foodbank ‘.
3. Click on ‘Done’.


I T ‘ S   T H A T   S I M P L E !