Re-opening of Churches for Public Worship

Published on 16th July, 2020

Re-opening of Churches for Public Worship

 We were delighted to hear from the First Minister for Wales that,
as from Sunday, 19th July,
our churches are permitted to re-open for public services.

Before this can happen,
exhaustive legal risk-assessment procedures MUST be followed.

These are being undertaken as a matter of urgency
by the Rector, clergy, and church wardens.

Government regulations stipulate
a two-metre distance in all directions between worshippers.

Family groups are the only exception to this rule.

 The amount of space available in each church will therefore determine
how many worshippers are able to attend a given service.

To enable churches to be ‘decontaminated’ we are told that
a period of seventy-two hours MUST elapse
between the end of one service and the beginning of the next.

At the moment the Rector envisages opening one of the four Benefice churches at a time on a rota basis.

In Communion services the sacrament will be administered in one kind only.

I am sure you will understand
that these measures are designed for your protection.