Published on 12th July, 2015

L   S A I N T S’   C H U R C H,
L L A N D A F F   N O R T H.

An  Evening of Tap & Ballet

was presented by the


 at 6.30pm on Saturday, 11th July . . . . .

and if you missed it, you missed a real treat!  In front of an enthusiastic audience, tap dancing, ‘street’ dancing, and ballet were performed by youngsters of all ages ( I was told that one of the stars was forty-three years old, having trained with Jean England since the age of three! ) with incredible energy, meticulous choreography, and exuberant and obvious enjoyment.

Squirrels Nutkin strut their stuff!

The Squirrels!

Some of the dancers were so very young that one could only marvel at their ability to remember the complex dance routines, and at the hours of patient instruction which their  confident expertise must have demanded from  their teacher.  Towards the end of the first half the ‘tinies’, some of them in delightful squirrel costumes,  performed three dances inspired by Beatrix Potter’s ‘Squirrel Nutkin’ , ‘Mrs Tiggy Winkle’,  and the ‘Mouse Waltz’.


The Misses Tiggywinkle take a Break

The continuity was particularly impressive, with Master of Ceremonies, Rev’d Marja Henson Flipse, swaggering  in top hat and dashing silver lamé tailcoat borrowed for the occasion, ( which only  partially covered her dog-collar! ) introducing the items with aplomb.

MC Marja does a Twirl

Two of the dancers, Tom and James, we were told, had been ferried by long-suffering parents from a camping holiday in Bristol; while barrister Keiran Pugh had driven down from London at five o’clock in the morning to be present in the final rehearsal and at the concert itself.  Himself a long-time member of the Jean England troupe, Keiran played a starring rôle in the evening’s performance by singing three numbers: ‘Shake it off!’ , ’76 Trombones’  ( though in fact there was only one present, and Rev’d Marja couldn’t play it! ) and ‘Blow, Gabriel, blow!’  The Tyrolean and Manx Courting Dance was charmingly performed to the accompaniment provided by a recording of Ms England herself playing the accordion.

Ticket sales and a raffle raised the splendid sum of £467.50, which Ms England has generously donated to the All Saints’ upkeep fund.  Our thanks go to Ms England, and to all the dancers and their parents for making this delightful evening possible.

Llandaff North has indeed got talent, and ‘Strictly come Dancing’ had better watch out!