Lent, Holy Week and Easter 2015

Published on 11th February, 2015














Lent, Holy Week & Easter

Crucifixion - El Greco

                                                         Crucifixion – El Greco

On Sundays during Lent, the preaching in all our churches will be based on the  Revised Common Lectionary readings, copies of which will be available in all four churches.

On Fridays during Lent, Mid-Day Prayer is said in St Mary’s, and is followed by a Lent Lunch in St Mary’s Church Hall.  An open invitation to join us there, and to any or all of our other Lent and Easter services, is extended to all members of our four Benefice Churches and of our ecumenical sister Churches. The Benefice Lent Book this year is ‘In God’s Hands’ by Archbishop Desmond Tutu.  This is also the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book for 2015, and is available from Amazon @ £6.99  ( plus postage. ) Every Sunday in Lent, Lay Reader Mrs Ruth Coombs will lead a Lent Course based on the Benefice Lent Book.  The Course will be held before Evensong in the Benefice Office ( above the Vestry in St Mary’s ) from 4.45pm until 5.45pm.  Please contact Mrs Coombs, by ‘phone on 07866 777411, or by email at: coombsruth@hotmail.com if you would like to attend.  Everybody is welcome. The Rev’d Canon Richard Lowndes, Diocesan Director of Ministry and Discipleship will lead our Holy Week observances. 


18th February:                    A S H   W E D N E S D A Y

                             Holy Eucharist, with the Imposition of Ashes

8am                      St Mary’s Parish Church.
10am                   St Thomas’s, Birchgrove.
10am                   All Saints’, Rhiwbina.
7pm                     All Saints’, Llandaff North.
7pm                     Ash Wednesday Ecumenical Service: All Saints’,

Friday, 20th February:
12 noon             Mid-Day Office, followed by Lent Lunch in St Mary’s.

Sunday, 22nd February:  F I R S T   S U N D A Y   I N   L E N T
                             ( Services as usual – please see ‘Sunday Service Times’
                              on the Home Page.)
Monday, 23rd February:
12 noon           
Mid-Day ‘Stations of the Cross’  in All Saints’, Llandaff North.

Wednesday, 25th February:
Compline in All Saints’, Llandaff North.

Friday, 27th February:
12 noon             
Mid-Day Office, followed by Lent Lunch in St Mary’s.
6pm                      Holy Eucharist in St Thomas’s.

Saturday, 28th February:
10.15am —        Whitchurch, Rhiwbina & Birchgrove Prayer Group meets at
10.45am            Bethel Baptist Church
, Whitchurch.

Sunday, 1st March:            S E C O N D  S U N D A Y   I N   L E N T                                                              S T   D A V I D ‘ S   D A Y 
                              ( Services as usual – please see ‘Sunday Service Times’ 
on the
                                Home Page.)

12.30pm            St David’s Day Lunch in All Saints’, Rhiwbina.
                              ( All welcome, but advance booking is essential.                               For contact details, please see on Home Page/News and
                             Events / St David’s Day Lunch )

6pm                    Benefice Festal Evensong at All Saints’, Rhiwbina.

Monday, 2nd March:
12 noon            
Mid-Day ‘Stations of the Cross’ at All Saints’, Llandaff North.

Wednesday, 4th March:
Compline at All Saints’, Llandaff North.

Friday, 6th March:
12 noon               Mid-Day Office, followed by Lent Lunch at St.Mary’s.
2pm                     Women’s World Day – Wave of Prayer – 
                                Bethany Baptist Church, Rhiwbina.
6pm                     Holy Eucharist in St Thomas’s.

Sunday, 8th March:      T H I R D  S U N D A Y   I N   L E N T
                            ( Services as usual – please see ‘ Sunday Service Times ‘
                              on the Home Page. )
4pm —               ‘Messy Church’ at Copleston Road Methodist Church,
6pm                    Llandaff North.

Monday, 9th March:
12 noon             Mid-Day ‘Stations of the Cross’ at All Saints’, Llandaff North. 2.30pm             Mothers’ Union Devotional Service at St Mary’s,
                             with guest speaker Rev’d Marja Henson-Flipse.
6pm                   Men’s Fellowship Holy Eucharist at St Mary’s, followed by supper at
Whitchurch Golf Club.

Wednesday, 11th March:
6.30pm            Compline at All Saints’, Llandaff North.

Friday, 13th March:
12 noon            Mid-Day Office, followed by Lent Lunch at St Mary’s.
6pm                   Holy Eucharist in St Thomas’s.

Sunday, 15th March:       F O U R T H   S U N D A Y   I N   L E N T                                                         M O T H E R I N G   S U N D A Y 
Mothering Sunday Family Services followed by refreshments:

9.30am             St Mary’s Parish Church.
10 am                 All Saints’ Llandaff North.
10.30am            All Saints’ Rhiwbina.

10.45am            St Thomas’s.

Monday, 16th March:
12 noon            Mid-Day ‘Stations of the Cross’ at All Saints’, Llandaff North.

Friday, 20th March:
12 noon             Mid-Day Office at St Mary’s, followed by Lent Lunch.
6pm                   Holy Eucharist at St Thomas’s.

Sunday, 22nd March:      F I F T H   S U N D A Y   I N   L E N T

P A S S I O N  S U N D A Y – P A S S I O N T I D E  B E G I N S
                           ( Services as usual – please see ‘Sunday Service Times’
                             on the Home Page.)
6pm                   Benefice Event: ‘Stations of the Cross’ at St Mary’s.

Monday, 23rd March:
12 noon           Mid-Day ‘Stations of the Cross’ at All Saints’, Llandaff North.

Wednesday, 25th March:
6.30pm             Compline at All Saints’ Llandaff North.

Friday, 27th March:
12 noon             Mid-Day Office in St Mary’s, followed by Lent Lunch.
6pm                   Holy Eucharist at St Thomas’s.

H O L Y   W E E K

Sunday, 29th March:                    P A L M  S U N D A Y
Holy Eucharist at St Mary’s & All Saints’, Rhiwbina.
               Holy Eucharist at All Saints’, Llandaff North.

                      Holy Eucharist with Blessing of Palms and Procession
(followed by Annual General Meetings at:)
10am                    All Saints’ Llandaff North.
10.30am             All Saints’ Rhiwbina.
10.30am             St Mary’s.
10.45am             St Thomas’s.
6pm                     Benefice and Ecumenical Evensong at
All Saints’,Rhiwbina.

Monday, 30th March:       Holy Monday
9.30am                Holy Eucharist at St Mary’s.
7.30pm                Holy Eucharist at St Thomas’s, with
                                dramatic reading of the Gospel.

Tuesday, 31st March:       Holy Tuesday
Holy Eucharist at St Thomas’s.
7.30pm                 Holy Eucharist at St Thomas’s, with
                                dramatic reading of the Gospel.

Wednesday, 1st April:      Holy Wednesday
Holy Eucharist at All Saints’,Rhiwbina.
7.30pm                 Holy Eucharist
at All Saints’, Llandaff North, with
                                dramatic reading of the Gospel.

Thursday, 2nd April:        Holy [ Maundy ] Thursday
10am                      Holy Eucharist at St Mary’s. 
11am                       Holy Eucharist with Blessing of Holy Chrism 
Llandaff Cathedral
 with the Archbishop of Wales.
7.30pm                  Holy Eucharist of the
Last Supper,
 Washing of  Feet, The Stripping of the
 The Watch until Midnight at
All Saints’, Rhiwbina.  
      ( Celebrant – the Rector )

Friday, 3rd April:              G O O D   F R I D A Y
Morning Prayer at St Mary’s.
9am                            March of Witness – Benefice and Ecumenical Event                                      (  See newsletters for updated information.)
10am                         All-Age Family Service ‘Stations of the Cross’                                     at St Mary’s, followed by Hot Cross Buns.
10am                         All-Age Service, followed by
Hot Cross Buns at All Saints’, Rhiwbina.
12 noon – 1.40pm  Proclamation of the Cross at St Mary’s.
2pm – 3pm               Good Friday Liturgy at St Mary’s – a Benefice Event.
5pm                           All-Age Ecumenical Service with Llandaff North Methodist and United Reformed Churches.
5.30pm                      Evening Prayer at St Mary’s.

Saturday, 4th April:  Holy Saturday     ( All churches open for decorating.)
9am                          Morning Prayer at St Mary’s.
5.30pm                    Evening Prayer at St Mary’s.
6pm                          Sacrament of Reconciliation at St Mary’s.
9pm                          Easter Vigil with Eucharist at
All Saints’,Llandaff North.

Sunday, 5th April:      E A S T E R   D A Y
Holy Eucharist with Renewal of  Baptismal Vows                                     at St Mary’s & All Saints’, Rhiwbina.

                                    Holy Eucharist with Procession,
of the Easter Gardens,  and
of Baptismal Vows:
8.30am                      St Thomas’s & All Saints’, Llandaff North.
9.30am                     St Mary’s.
10am                          All Saints’, Llandaff North.
10.30am                   All Saints’, Rhiwbina.
10.45am                    St Thomas’s.
11am                           St Mary’s.
6pm                            Benefice Festal Evensong at St Mary’s.

Monday, 6th April – Saturday, 11th April: E A S T E R   W E EK

Services as usual –  for times and venues, see: Home Page / About Us /Whitchurch Benefice Church Services, and click on the Link.
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‘ Look, Father, look on His anointed face,  and only look on us as found in Him; Look not on our misusings of Your grace, our prayer so languid, and our faith so dim: For, lo! between our sins and their reward we set the Passion of Your Son, Our Lord.’

                                                                †  †  †
The Clergy are always available for the Ministry of Reconciliation and Healing, and to administer Holy Communion to the sick and housebound. Their contact details are:

Team Rector:
Rev’d Chancellor John H.LRowlands
02920 626072              rector@beneficeofwhitchurch.org.uk
Team Vicars: 
Rev’d Marja Henson-Flipse
02920 312510               marfli@zeelandnet.nl 
Rev’d Peter Mortimer 

02920 650883              peter.mortimer007@ntlworld.com

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