It was no fluke – Peter talked to Luke who works for Fox’s!

Published on 21st September, 2015


  Fox’s Boxes!


Fox's Boxes!

The Rev’d Marja Flipse,
Team Vicar of  All Saints’ Church, Llandaff North.
( It was Marja’s idea to offer the church as a
collection point for refugee aid in the first place! )

It was no fluke –
 †Peter talked to Luke 
Who works for Fox’s:

They gave us boxes
( And charged no fees )
So we could serve
Poor refugees.

Team Vicar, the Rev’d Peter Mortimer )
the removal firm )

Luke Wilkes of Fox's Self-Storage

Luke Wilkes of Fox’s Self-Storage

Fox’s Boxes    –    going where?                                          Over there!
 Dover?    Calais?   Greece?     Syria?

Team Vicar Work

Dover! Calais! Greece! Syria!






Will it fit me

Our Mission Statement:

Mission Statement


Is this the





Team Vicars being silly!


T H E R E ‘ S      S T I L L
L O A D S  M O R E
S O R T I N G   T O   D O !

C O M E   A N D   J O I N   U S !

N E X T   S E S S I O N:  Wednesday, 16th September,  from 11am – 1pm.


Thinking inside the box!
                                                                      ( Fox’s, of course! )

First consignment

First consignment . . . . .

Harry & David - our heroes!

                                                                        Up and away!
thanks to
Harry of Scene Cuisine
( on the right )  whose van it was;
David, a total stranger, and a Good Samaritan if ever there was one!
He just happened to be passing by the church at the wrong time for him,
and emphatically the right time for us,
and was unwise enough to ask if he could help!
He actually thanked us for allowing him to do so!

They are our heroes, and we love them both!