Published on 30th December, 2020


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Website editor Marilyn ( 07957 133429 ) writes:
On Boxing Day, a neighbour, Judith, posted this message on Alfreda Road’s WhatsApp message board:
Stethoscope Clipart | Stethoscope Clipart SvgJo, a friend of ours, is a Critical Care nurse of many years’ experience who works in the Heath Hospital.  She says the situation is dire, and that patients are very short of toiletries which their visitors would provide in ‘normal time’. Covid-19 means that visiting is prohibited. Nurses say patients on other wards are in a similar position.

If you would like to contribute anything – soap, shampoo, shower gel, spray deodorant, face wipes, razors, tangle-free hairbrushes, and hair bobbles are just some of the items needed.  Any help would be gratefully received.  Even hotel-size bottles would be useful!Stethoscope Clipart | Stethoscope Clipart SvgJudith continues:
We are going to take some toiletries to our friend on Monday morning.  Please leave any donations in our porch,
No. 21, or you can contact me on 07811 406751.

Marilyn adds:
Or me, on
07957 133429Socially-distanced collection may be possible if  your spirit is willing but mobility weak!

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