News Report: The Battleship Grey Door

Published on 30th June, 2015

The Battleship Grey Door

 On Tuesday, 23rd June, 2015,
the Victorian door of Whitchurch Rectory was replaced with
a modern version.
After much discussion it seemed that the only possible colour for
the new door
was battleship grey.

Our roving reporter ( a.k.a. the editor )
and the Benefice cameraman
( a.k.a. Dr Geoff Foot, Lay Reader )
were sent along to investigate and report back to the website.
Please click on the link below to see what they saw:

The Battleship Grey Door

And, if you want to read the editor’s not entirely serious ‘take’ on her commission,
( though parts of the ‘Ode’ are deeply serious, and she hopes you can tell the difference )
please click on this link:

Ode to a Battleship Grey Door