Faith Pictures – learning to talk about your faith.

Published on 2nd December, 2016

Faith Pictures
is a short course to help us to discover how,
through Faith Pictures, to talk naturally 
to friends, neighbours and colleagues about what we believe.
The course, designed by the Church Army, is aimed at helping you and your church to find new ways to talk about what really matters, and so open up potentially
life-changing conversations.

There are six one-hour sessions in the
Benefice Office, St. Mary’s Church,
three on either side of Christmas.

The third session is on:
Tuesday 13th December at 11am.
Refreshments are available.

Session 3:
Travellers’ Tales: Beginning to think about our own stories

If you missed session 2
( ‘ Opening the Conversation ‘–
Talking about what we know and love is easy )
a summary will start at 10.30am before we move into Session 3.

For further information please contact:
Geoff Foot
(mobile number 07780 990847)