Fairtrade Fortnight 2015: 23rd February – 8th March

Published on 26th February, 2015


The Fairtrade mark on a packet of tea or coffee, a bar of chocolate, a bottle of wine, a bunch of bananas, a bag of oranges – or even on clothes or jewellery! – means that:

producers pay their workers a fair wage;
provide decent working conditions;
maintain environmental standards;
and treat women fairly.

Part of the packet price goes towards investment in community facilities
 ( such as roads or schools )
or production improvements
( like business training or safely equipment )
in the area where the item comes from.

So, although it’s not giving to charity, you know
you are directly benefitting people with the price you pay.

The Fairtrade mark is a quality standard, not a brand name;
so there are numerous varieties to choose from –
especially among the Fairtrade favourites of tea, coffee, and chocolate.

All the main supermarkets stock a range of Fairtrade products, including their own labels, as do many smaller shops.

Products may be ordered online –
Fairtrade Wales has links to lots of outlets:

Choosing Fairtrade changes lives!
Discover how, and get some special treats from some of your favourite Fairtrade brands at


H A V E   A   G R E A T   F A I R T R A D E    F O R T N I G H T !