Celebrating 20 years of the Ordination of Women to the Priesthood

Published on 12th January, 2017

women priest anniversary

Simultaneous celebratory services at all six of Wales’s cathedrals
took place at 11am on 7th January to  mark
the twentieth anniversary of the ordination of Wales’s first women priests. That anniversary came just weeks ahead of another milestone
in women’s ministry in Wales – the consecration on
21st January in Llandaff Cathedral of
Wales’s first woman bishop, Canon Joanna Penberthy, as
Bishop of the Diocese of St David’s.

History was made on January 11, 1997,
when all the  cathedrals in Wales held their first ordination service
for women priests.
Sixty-one women were ordained on that day
and their names have been featured in a logo designed for the anniversary.
( See above ).
Many of them took part in the services on 7th January.

C in W Priests ordained in St Asaph on 7th January, 1997.

For more information about the history of women’s ministry in Wales,
see the Crossing Thresholds book