‘Carols for Calais’ Llandaff North & the Refugees

Published on 1st December, 2015


On Sunday, 20th December
( Advent 4 )
All Saints’ Llandaff North’s
‘Festival of Nine Lessons & Carols’

will be themed on
refugees  . . .

Jesus the refugee

remembering that the baby Jesus himself
became a refugee
shortly after he was born
when his family fled into Egypt
to escape from King Herod’s
purge of the ‘Holy Innocents’.


So how are we get
the goods you donated
from here . . . .

ASLN Sorted!. . . . to here?

Dover! Calais! Greece! Syria!

Well, we held some of these :



to help raise money

towards the cost of
transporting the
donated goods to
the refugee camps. 



Then the following ‘virtual’ conversation took place between

Marja and our Facebook ‘refugee’ contact, Siobhan Corria:


Marja to Siobhan:
How much did the toy sales make in total?’
Siobhan to Marja:
£236 last weekend and £226 this weekend.
That might be enough for two trips to Calais, plus I have lots of toys left to sell.
Once I’ve been there I would be happy to do a talk or similar for the church on what I experience there.’
Great!  We’ll put that on the website!’


So we have – and here it is –
and that’s how the idea of          ‘Carols for Calais’  was born!