CAP Course: Manage Your Money!

Published on 22nd February, 2018

CAP Money Course
CAP Money Course Responsibility
CAP Money Course Holiday

Invitation from the Treasurer of St Catherine’s, Pontypridd:

    • The CAP money course is fantastic! And it’s free!
    • The course will be run in one day to make it easier for people to attend.
    • I have never run this course yet where at least two people did not benefit from being on the course.
    • It is revolutionary and practical.
    • It really does work. I know; I am a practitioner of it!

More information can be found by clicking on the links at the top of this post, or at

Thank you so much. With love and prayers,
(CAP Money Manager – St Catherine’s Pontypridd)


Mr David Tazzini-Lloyd
Church Treasurer
St Catherine’s Church, Parish of Pontypridd
Llandaff Diocese
The Church in Wales

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