Benefice Churches’ Harvest Festivals: Tŷ Bronna request

Published on 22nd September, 2018

Our Churches’ Harvest Thanksgiving 
are scheduled for 7th October.
( More of this later, I’m sure! )

On a resent visit to Tŷ Bronna I asked them to let me know which
 items were particularly needed.

( I vividly recall arriving there last year with our Harvest donations, and being confronted with a veritable  MOUNTAIN of fresh fruit and vegetables!
I believe they had to call in four volunteers to help convert all these donations into nutritious soups, stews, and roasts
to be stored into their vast freezers for use throughout the year.

Earlier this week an email arrived from Tŷ Bronna.
What they really needed, it read, were
tinned hot dog sausages and other tinned meat!

(  Reader, you cannot imagine how it pains me, a vegetarian, to write this! )
[ Editor] 

Despite all their best efforts to teach their teenagers about nutrition and
how to cook healthy meals, the youngsters would head for fast food options.

So that’s it, readers!
Hot dog sausages and tinned meat it is!

For those of you who have principled objections to this,