Beer and Skittles with All Saints’, Rhiwbina.

Published on 22nd June, 2015

 F U N D R A I S I N G      xC A N   B Ex    √ I S √   F U N!

As part of its ongoing Fundraising Programme for 2015, All Saints’ Church, Rhiwbina, ‘emigrated’ to the British Legion Club in Whitchurch on 20th June, 2015.


All Saints’ at Play!

Please click on the link below to read our reporter’s ‘take’ on the evening’s event – plus some ‘Candid Camera’ shots.

( And yes, I know that dates me a bit!  – Editor )


S T O P    P R E S S !

I am reliably informed – this very evening – and by the Captain of the Winning Team himself – that, due to popular demand, a return match is contemplated!

( Editor )

W A T C H    T H I S    S P A C E !