Archbishop Barry’s Advent 3 Letter

Published on 11th December, 2016

In his last Advent letter before he retires in January,
Archbishop Barry reminds us that:

‘ When the New Testament speaks of vocation, it refers to a call to be a Christian, not the call to be a cleric.  The Ordination Service says that:

All the baptised are called to make Jesus Christ known as Saviour and Lord, and to be fellow-workers with Him in His renewing of the Word.’

The Archbishop asks us to pray for those currently in training, and for those who are exploring the possibility of vocation.  We are asked also to pray for the future needs of the Church in Wales:

Loving God, thank you for calling us at baptism to be your people, and for inviting each of us to serve you through the gift of our lives.
In response to your call we again say,’Yes.’
Keep us faithful to your mission and our vocation.

And, gracious Lord,
we ask that you inspire more women and men of faith and compassion  to ministry, service, and leadership. . . . ‘

To read the full text of Archbishop Barry’s Letter, please click on the Link below:

Bishop Barry’s Advent Letter 2016