A H U G E ‘Thank you’ to our Anonymous Foodbank Donor!

Published on 10th August, 2015

foodbank_logo_Cardiff-logo . . . . . . . who left about 45 Kg of foodstuffs in half a dozen full Lidl carrier-bags in St Mary’s Church porch during the 11am service on Sunday! ! 

Such generosity necessitated a second trip to the Foodbank warehouse within a fortnight . . .  and, yes, I got lost . . . again!  My SatNav didn’t – but only because it was on strike – so I discovered yet another tortuous route through the streets of Cardiff East to get there!

. . . but we’re not complaining!  It means that St Mary’s has donated an incredible 80 Kg of food so far this month to help feed Cardiff’s hungry people. 

So, on their behalf . . . . . . . . . A  H U G E  T H A N K   Y O U !