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    11 Oct at 19:00
    Dear supporters and church wardens,
    I wanted to email you to update you on our progress. Please could you circulate this in your networks.
    • Our house has fallen through, so we are in the process of finding another one. We have several possibilities that we are hopeful about, but we would like to explore as many options as possible. If you have any additional leads on this we would be very grateful! 
    • Thank you to all who came along to our meeting on 24th September. A draft resettlement plan has been created based on our conversations, which is attached. We need to continue to build the plan around the three outcomes:
    • 1. Resettled family has a home in which to settle in Cardiff, with adequate space and facilities to live in comfort and safety
      2. Resettled family members feel welcome in the UK and are able to quickly acclimatize to living in the UK
      3. Resettled family are able to make a life for themselves in the UK, through accessing community activities, medical care, language skills, education and employment

    • In particular, we are looking for three people to take responsibility for leading each of the outcomes. Please prayerfully consider whether you or a member of your congregation would be willing to take on this challenge. You would be fully supported in it.

    • We will be building the plan during another team session on 5th November, in Christ Church Radyr from 2 to 4pm. Again, church wardens, we’d really appreciate it if this could go in church notice sheets.

    • If, having reviewed the document, you are interested in a helping out in a particular area, please let us know prior to 5th November sot that we know how to shape the session.

    I am in the process of reviewing our email lists. This email has been sent to supporters and church wardens, and people on these lists will receive occasional updates on our progress. If you would like to be more involved, please let me know and I will add you to the ‘Resettlement Team’ list. Equally, if you would rather not receive emails from us, please let me know and I will remove your address from these lists.Thank you for your continued support and prayer. We really appreciate it!

    With best wishes,


    Cardiff West & Llandaff Deanery Refugee Sponsorship Programme, 
    working with Citizen’s UK to bring 1 Syrian family to Cardiff 

    CWLD refugee sponsorship programme working as “1FamilyCardiff” in conjunction with secular, faith and community groups, the Home Office, the Church in Wales and Citizens UK, to settle 1 Syrian refugee family in Cardiff. 
    Facebook: 1FamilyCardiff
    Twitter: @1FamilyCardiff
    Citizens UK Registered charity number: 1107264
    working with
    Anglican Church in Wales: Deanery of Llandaff Registered Charity Number: 1142813
    Further information on this UK wide scheme is available from the UK Government’s Home Office website: