The Chicken and the Egg situation!

Published on 30th January, 2015
        *  *  C H I C K S    F O R    S A L E   *  * 

Knitted chicks securedownloadSally Davies from All Saints’ Rhiwbina  has knitted
an entire brood of colourful chicks
( and predicts more will hatch soon!)
They will be sold at All Saints’ Church during Lent,  but if you can’t wait till then, but want yours now, contact
Sally Davies 
on 07803 083595
or by visiting All Saints’ Rhiwbina
on F

                        Chicks will cost:
£1.50 each  ( without the chocolate egg )
£2.00 each ( with chocolate egg included )

  If you need your chicks to be posted to you,
you will need to pay the postage costs yourself –

           A L L   P R O C E E D S   GO
A  L  L     A  I  N  T  S   C H U R C H,
                R  H  I  W  B   I  N