In Memoriam: Trudy Purcell

Date: Tuesday 23rd June, 2015
Time: 2:15 pm

In Memoriam: Trudy Purcell

( 28th March 1960 – 6th June, 2015 )

 At 2.15pm on Tuesday, 23rd June, friends and relatives in large numbers congregated in a packed All Saints’ Church, Rhiwbina, to pay their last respects to a dearly loved, greatly missed, and sadly mourned Trudy Purcell. In a simple, sincere and moving service conducted by Team Vicar Rev’d Peter Mortimer, we heard loving tributes from Trudy’s cousin Norma and erstwhile work-colleague Anne.

Norma spoke of her fond memories of her cousin and the times they had spent together, the splendid holidays, and the numerous day trips which somehow always ended in a town where a pilgrimage to St Michael’s was possible! She recalled Trudy’s enormous zest for life, and her devotion to her, Norma’s, children. This affinity with the young, as Anne pointed out, was mirrored in Trudy’s vocation to spend her life working with children. It was this concern which had prompted Trudy to set up the Toy Service scheme in Rhiwbina at Christmas, an initiative which has now spread to all the Benefice churches. Such was the generous response from the congregation that the vans sent by the Social Services to collect the donated toys were invariably loaded to the gunwales!

Rainbow of Hope

Rev’d Peter endorsed this view of Trudy’s commitment to serve needy members of our society by remembering her work with the Paradise Run, organised by the Rainbow of Hope charity.  Once a month on a Tuesday evening, All Saints’ Rhiwbina sent a group of volunteers to work with the city’s Soup Run, taking warm food and clothing to Cardiff’s street dwellers, and Trudy had always been at the forefront of these acts of mercy.  She demonstrated her commitment to the Benefice’s outreach to children by her active and enthusiastic involvement in the monthly Godly Play services in St Thomas’s, organised by Annette Beechey.

Rev’d Peter read the thirteenth chapter of Corinthians 1, the great poem to Christian love and charity, and asserted that Trudy’s name could aptly be substituted for the word ‘love’ in this passage: Trudy was patient and kind; she was not envious, or arrogant, or self-seeking, or irritable; but she bore everything with fortitude, strong in her Christian faith even when her illness was at its worst.  In short, Trudy was a saint, and though her death is keenly felt by those of us who knew her, as Christians we have a sure ground for hope because of the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead.

          †  †  †Trudy Purcell R.I.P.