PCC ‘Away Day’: ‘Lectio Divina’.

Date: Saturday 5th September, 2015
Time: 9:00 am
Venue: St Thomas's Birchgrove

‘Lectio Divina’

 The PCC ‘Away Day’ is to be held in St Thomas’s Birchgrove on Saturday, 5th September, and will be led by Rev’d Jonathon Wright. The intended format is as follows:

 9am:              Holy Communion
9.30am:        Tea break
9.45am:         Introduction
10.45am:        Tea break
11am:              Practical session
Comfort break
12.00 noon:  Taking it further
12.30pm:        Finish

Lectio Divina.svg

For other non-Latinists besides me out there, ‘Lectio Divina’ may be loosely translated as ‘Divine, or spiritual, reading.’

Jonathon says:
The sessions will consider what it means to read the Bible as a Christian.’


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