Jonah the moaner!

Date: Tuesday 20th October, 2015
Time: 4:00 pm
Venue: St Mary's Church Hall


Jonah, the moaner,
Was a bit of a loner.
He thought it a pity
To warn the evil city,
So took to his heels and fled,
Caught a boat to Tarsish instead.
But a fearful storm at sea
Made the sailors scared as can be.
‘That Jonah’s a jinx!’, they said.
They hauled him out of bed
And threw him overboard
‘Cause he’d disobeyed the Lord.
Along swam a hungry fish
Thinking: ‘Here’s a heaven-sent dish
That will taste extremely yummy
Inside my fishy tummy!’
He took a deep breath, and swallowed!

If you want to know what followed
( As you will, I have no doubt. . . . )

C o m e   o n   T u e s d a y . . . .  a n d   f i n d  o u t !

All Saints' Church Llandaff North's photo.

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