Date: Tuesday 17th November, 2015
Time: 4:00 pm
Venue: St Mary's Church Hall

King Darius said to the lions: “Bite Daniel!  Bite Daniel!
Bite him!  Bite him!  Bite him!”
Did they?
If not, why not?

C O M E   A L O N G  T O   7S – 11S   TO   FIND   OUT!

 Or, if the suspense is killing you, read on to find out
what the lions said to King Darius:

Song of the Lazy Lions 

We’re just a bit embarrassed ( we’d hate to be thought rude )
But, like your pussy cats at home,  we’re fussy over food.
Our Medes and Persians diet suits us simply fine:
At this modern, foreign junk food we just have to draw the line.
Your ministers may mutter, the gods themselves may frown,
But we lions have our pride! We’ve decided to lie down.
As pillars of the establishment industrial action you may not like,
But we’ve balloted our members and we’re going out on strike.
We’re sorry for the food-waste, but really, truth to tell,
We couldn’t fancy the Daniel-taste and we loathed the Daniel-smell!
So tell your bossy satraps – there’s no more to be said –

If we can’t have Medes and Persians we’ll just gobble THEM instead.

 fetch the disinfectant and fumigate our cell.

[ Most of this is pure fiction invented by an editor with an over-active imagination,
and striving for an eye-catching story.
To find out what
really happened, read the Old Testament Book of Daniel,
or go along to 7s – 11s after Christmas and ask Jonathon! Or both? ]

from ‘The Daniel Jazz’, by Vachel Lindsay ]