Clergy absence and service cover

Published on 30th September, 2020

 A message from Rector John:


Please be aware that there will be occasions when services may be  cancelled at very short notice. We do not do this lightly, but sometimes it is unavoidable.
It may be that a member of our clergy or our reader
must self-isolate on receiving a Covid-19 alert;
or have diocesan or personal commitments that cannot be changed.

When this happens, please understand that we are doing our best
to maintain online and in-church worship in four parishes
with three clergy
( soon to be two, when Fr Nick goes on paternity leave )
and one reader
It is inevitable that occasions will arise when we cannot offer
full service cover.

On behalf of our full Ministry Team,  thank you for your patience and understanding in these challenging times.


With my love and prayers.