CILN Prayer Group meet in Lew’s Coffee Shop!

Published on 21st August, 2015

About twenty Christians in Llandaff North met informally over a cup of coffee in Lew’s Café at 7.30pm on Tuesday, 18th August.  Representatives of the Llandaff North Churches, together with Llandaff North residents who attend other places of worship in Cardiff, met to consider the fresh challenges of the new school year, and to discuss the ways in which we could serve our local community in the coming year, including the opportunities presented by forthcoming events  in the Llandaff North Festival and the Rugby World Cup!  We are very grateful to Lew for offering hospitality, so enabling us to meet up as an ecumenical group of Christians for whom denominational differences presented no barrier to our mutual understanding.  It is envisaged that our meetings will become a regular monthly occurrence.