August Foodbank Collection – All Benefice Churches

Published on 27th July, 2015


We visited the Foodbank recently to deliver  the items donated in the
July collection of food.

The volunteers are concerned that their supplies are running low – 

demand far outstrips supply.

At the moment they
urgently need:

UHT Fruit juice      Jam      Noodles

     Tinned potatoes       Instant Mashed Potato          Packets of Savoury Rice

Pasta /’n’/Sauce ( Packets )      Tinned sponge puddings.


If you have a smartphone, you can download the

Foodbank App

by typing in:

then scrolling down until you find the

Cardiff Foodbank website,

where you will find details of the foodstuffs the Foodbank
most urgently needs.

This list is usually updated once or twice a week.

P L E A S E   G I V E   A S   G E N E R O U S L Y
A S   Y O U   A R E   A B L E.

Thank you for your support.